What to Expect

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How to Research Possible Therapists

There are many web services that list local therapists. One such is psychologytoday.com. They verify all licenses and credentials, so you can trust that the therapist listed is licensed and in good standing with the local state licensing board. Use the built in filter to find a few therapists that have experience with the ailments you are experiencing and be prepared to call 3-5.

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When Making The First Call

Expect voicemail. Most therapists will not answer the phone while they’re in session. Expect to leave a message. You don’t need to talk about your problems in your voicemail; just give your name and callback number and that you’d like to talk make an appointment.

At Your First Session

Many people find that the anticipation for the first session can be stressful. They tend to worry about doing therapy “right”. Instead of worrying about this, you might want to take the time to create a list of questions that you have for the therapist. Such questions might include.

It’s very important that all therapists process their own stress and psychological build-ups. Please ask your therapist if he/she is also seeing a therapist.

Some topics for your first session might be:

The most important aspect of therapy is the trust you build with your therapist. Therefore, the first session should be about seeing if you feel comfortable with the clinician. 

Follow Up Sessions

Content for all additional sessions will depend on the treatment plan you are following. However, NO psychological treatment should be without end; your therapist should communicate your treatment goals and regularly address your progress.

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