Couples Therapy

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Are you unhappy in your relationship with your significant other? If so, we can help you resolve your interpersonal conflicts and find happiness together.

A couple sitting on a couch

In General

Couples therapy is one of the most complex forms of treatment. Relationship struggles typically result from personalities, life obstacles, unexamined beliefs, and mental health disorders. However, we’ve been successful at helping couples overcome their challenges by using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). This evidence-based treatment invented by Dr. Sue Johnson focuses on the attachment couples feel to each other. By creating stronger bonds than what already exist, they ultimately feel more secure and safe. Then they are better able to withstand the symptoms that inevitably occur in relationships, and naturally, they feel happier.

We’ve been trained by Dr. Johnson herself and are certified in administering EFT.

Most of the couples we’ve treated are still together and report being happier, regardless of the problems they were experiencing. These couples include those that are traditional, gay and lesbian, cohabitating, polyamorous, and transgendered.

Our Approach

Here is why we believe our approach is more effective than traditional couples therapy. In traditional therapy, the “cause” of the relationship stress is what is treated, whether it’s financial issues, infidelity, lack of communication, or any number of other possibilities. While the goal has been to fix these issues, what has resulted in most cases is that the individuals still feel uncomfortable with each other. Even when those issues are diminished or completely resolved, they still feel unsatisfied. However, with our approach, we help couples create stronger bonds while addressing those issues, and that is what ultimately makes the greatest difference.

A couple on a couch talking

With all of that said, we also understand that the model of therapy used by a therapist is only one small piece of the puzzle. To make the greatest impact, we feel genuine empathy and care for our clients, and we aren’t judgmental. To create the relationship you desire, we invite you to come experience this for yourself.