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The amount of emotional and mental health challenges that accompany those in the LGBTQ+ community is staggering! In addition to shame and guilt, they also battle anxiety, depression, poor self esteem, and suicidal thoughts. And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

an anxious woman on steps

The Path To Take

People in the LGBTQ community suffering with these challenges need an experienced, effective therapist to help them deal with the symptoms as well as accept their true selves. Among other things, the path to making this happen includes helping them make crucial life decisions, deciding whether they should transition if they are a transgendered person, when and how to come out, and learning how to date. Therapy can aid in all of this. 

At Little Peace of Hafen

Our team has years of experience working with LGBTQ clients, from “out and proud” gay individuals to closeted teens and transgendered individuals. We have studied the research behind the most successful therapy treatments and are skilled at putting them into action. What has resulted is an over 80% increase in acceptance and happiness in our clients, and we look forward to doing the same for others who come to us for help!